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Vencoa Vending Machines Reduces Wholesale Prices

Vencoa Reduces Soda and Snack Vending Machine Wholesale Prices, Offers Credit Card Acceptance, and Inventory Control Software

Palo Alto, California, May 20, 2009 – Vencoa, a national leader in the sale, financing, and servicing of new vending machines since 1977, announced new lower prices on its entire line of USI/Selectivend coffee, candy/snack, fresh/frozen food, and soda vending machines. Vencoa’s President, Peter LeVine, announced that new lower pricing will guarantee that no other company, including warehouse clubs, independent distributors, and the manufacturer, USI/Selectivend, will have lower pricing available. Additionally, Vencoa will continue to provide USI’s two year parts warranty on all vending machine parts in addition to the manufacturer’s warranties on refrigeration compressors.

Still another new development announced by Vencoa today is the company’s focus on credit card acceptance, wireless technology for accepting credit card transactions, and wireless inventory control management. Rather than having prospective buyers of vending machines spending time to evaluate and purchase credit card readers and inventory control software from different vendors, Vencoa will now act to directly facilitate the installation of credit card readers and inventory control software at USI/Selectivend’s factory in Des Moines.

The importance of credit card acceptance in high volume locations selling sodas, candies, and snacks cannot be overemphasized. In many high volume locations, revenue through candy/snack and soda vending machines can increase by 20% to 25%. Installing inventory control software is equally important in high volume locations where management is tired of theoretical high commissions on significantly underreported sales. Installing inventory control software provides complete sales transparency to the location as well as providing the owner/operator of the vending machines with the data necessary to maximize profitability.

During this time of economic recession, many vending operators are neglecting their high volume locations where revenue through soda vending machines and candy/snack vending machines has not declined. Rather than installing new and more advanced vending machines with credit card acceptance and inventory control, old and often obsolete machines remain in operation. And, underreporting or cheating remains too prevalent. Those companies which offer high volume locations credit card acceptance and inventory control software are far more likely to retain their current operating contracts. The intelligent vending operator looking to expand will target high volume locations prior to the often automatic contract renewal date between location management and the existing vending operator. By proposing new and high tech equipment with credit card acceptance and inventory control, the vending company making such a proposal is highly likely to secure a lucrative new account.

Vencoa Vending Machines is ready to assist vending operators as well as companies wishing to own and operate vending machines in-house with the latest credit card acceptance and inventory management software for coffee, candy/snack, fresh/frozen food, and soda vending machines.

About Vencoa Vending Machines

Vencoa is one of the largest and most established vending machine company to professional vending operators. The company has a nationwide reputation for straight-forward honesty and integrity. Clients include owners of Best Western, Super 8, and Comfort Inn hotels and many companies that employ between ten and two hundred employees. Vencoa’s prices are the lowest in the United States. All of Vencoa’s sales are backed by service in all fifty states. Additionally, Vencoa offers the lowest prices and Selectivend factory authorized service in Canada, Australia, Mexico, Central and South America, Europe, the Middle East, India, and Southeast Asia.

About Vencoa’s President, Peter LeVine

Peter LeVine has been a leader in the sale of vending machines since 1977. He is also an attorney and co-founder Concept Shopping, a venture-capital backed company based in Chicago that provides large food retailers with loyalty card purchase data.

Mr. LeVine graduated from Stanford University and the University of California at Davis School of Law.

His contacts are as follows:
Office: 650-474-2258.

Vencoa’s corporate headquarters:
Bayport Plaza
643 Bair Island Road
Redwood City, California 94063


Vencoa Vending Machines
Bayport Plaza
643 Bair Island Road
Redwood City, California 94063

Telephone: 1-650-474-2258

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