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About Vencoa Vending Machines

Factory Direct Vending Machines Warranty!

The Vencoa Advantage

Vencoa acts as a factory direct supplier of vending machines manufactured by the Wittern Group in Des Moines, Iowa. All machines ordered from Vencoa are shipped directly from the Wittern Group factory in Des Moines. Wittern Group machines are sold under the names USI, Selectivend, Fawn, Perfect Break Systems, and names created by independent distributors.

All of these differently named vending machines refer, in fact, to the exact same single machine. There is one major difference: the warranty. USI equipment has a 2 year parts warranty in addition to the warranty on refrigeration compressors. Selectivend, Fawn, and Perfect Break Systems provides only a one year non-compressor parts warranty.

Your Security!

All credit card transactions and financing offered by Vencoa are offered on behalf of Inland Finance or USI Financial Services, both wholly owned subsidiaries of the Wittern Group. Vencoa does not process any credit card transactions or finance any vending machines.

Only Wittern Group personnel process credit card transactions and provide financing for Inland Finance or USI Financial Services. Employees of Inland Finance and USI Financial Services work in the same building where the vending machines are manufactured.

Ninety day interest free financing is available as well as longer term financing with interest. A loan originally established on a long term basis with interest can be converted to a ninety day same as cash loan provided Inland Finance or USI Financial Services receives a total equal to the cash price of the equipment within three months from the date of its delivery.

Questions? 650-474-2258 or contact us through our Contact Us page

Our factory direct vending machines are priced lower than machines from Selectivend, USI, Fawn, or Federal.

Plus we offer:

Zero Down Financing
Lower Interest Rates
Questions? 650-474-2258 or contact us through our Contact Us page

Factory Direct Vending Machines
Wholesale Distributor

*Vencoa is an authorized distributor of USI vending machines and is not an authorized distributor of Selectivend products.


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