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Vencoa reports on Coke and Pepsi soda vending machines sales in 2005. Vencoa offers a great selection of low priced Coke machines and Pepsi vending machines in conventional and glass front models. Milk, bottled water, and sports drinks may also be sold through any of our can bottle vending machines 

Soda vending machine sales of Coke continued to bring in a large portion of revenues for the Coke soda vending machine industry in 2005. Pepsi vending machine cold drink revenues gained 2.28 percentage points. Increases in sales through Pepsi machines were due mainly to price increases. New bottled cold drink products with more perceived value allowed Coke vending machine operators to raise prices. However, competitive pressure amongst Pepsi vending machine operators as well as retail vendors kept soda from soda vending machines price increases from rising too steeply.

As seen in the past, bottles dominated Coke machine sales. Despite Pepsi vending machine operators’ preference for cans due to greater ease and profitability, consumers chose bottled Pepsi vending machine products and they were willing to pay a higher price for them. Vending machine consumer preference for bottled drinks may be due to the fact that they are resealable. Thus, a person can purchase a drink from a Coke machine or Pepsi vending machine, satiate their thirst and keep the rest for later. Soda vending machines are all about convenience and bottles make Pepsi vending machine purchases more convenient.

The soda vending machine industry was not able to keep up with gains in the retail sector, and this held true for Coke vending machine profits as well. However, Pepsi machine sales did experience growth. Coke vending machine sales of non-soda products including energy drinks, sports drinks, tea, and bottled water increased. Due to rising health concerns, soda purchases from Pepsi vending machines decreased.

The nation’s recent health craze has bolstered the sales of milk in Coke machines. The success of milk sales in vending machines is due to the dairy industry’s ad campaign proclaiming the health and weight loss benefits of milk. In schools, milk vending machines have replaced soda vending machines.

One trend that many soda vending machine operators are embracing is the use of glass front soda vending machines. Glass front Pepsi machines offers greater product variety and allows vending machine operators to display their products in an aesthetic manner. However, glass front soda vending machines have higher stocking needs and need to be serviced more frequently than traditional soda vending machines. Overall, glass front soda vending machines prove very profitable in larger locations where variety is in demand.

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