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Vending machine operators are starting to buy coffee vending machines as the popularity of coffee and the quality of coffee vending machines rise. Hot beverage vending machines also increase product variety to attract new customers. 

In 2006, the rates of coffee consumption continued to increase nationwide. There was an 18% increase in workplace coffee consumption compared to 2005. While vending machine operators gained from overall sale increases, they stand to profit even more in the future with coffee vending machines.

In the past, consumers purchased products from hot beverage vending machines for convenience and not for quality. However this view of hot beverage vending machines is changing with the introduction of new technology and specialty retail brand products.

The use of single-cup brewers have expanded in the past few years. The popularity of this coffee vending machine is due to their easy use and increased product quality. Portion control and brew by pack systems also allow for an increased variety of coffee products in these hot beverage vending machines. The quality of beverages from coffee vending machines seems to be the main key to a vending machine operator’s ability to remain profitable.

The increased incorporation of specialty retail brand coffee products into hot beverage vending machines has also helped to boost coffee vending machine sales. As popular retail coffee chains expand, their brands experience improved customer recognition in coffee vending machines. While specialty retail coffee does come with a higher selling price than conventional coffee used in vending machines, the consumer’s perception of increased quality and reliance helps to encourage sales. Furthermore, the escalating popularity of specialty coffee stores has helped to revive general increase in coffee products.

With coffee consumption rising, employers are demanding new coffee vending machines for their workers. They are often willing to pay higher prices to coffee vending machine operators for better quality coffee. This comes as a relief to hot beverage vending machine operators who have been facing mounting expenses due to price increases of coffee roasters and higher energy costs.

Hot beverage vending machine operators can increase their profits by joining the market fueled by an interest in specialty retail coffee brands. However, in order to remain profitable, they must engage in preventative maintenance to avoid costly breakdowns and to ensure that their coffee vending machines deliver the best quality product possible.

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